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30 Years of Service !


30 years 

This spring marked the 30th anniversary of the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN®), a milestone easily measured by its success throughout the years.  GHIN has provided service leadership since the spring of 1980 when some regional golf associations wished to change their handicap service vendors.  In an effort to provide a quality service to maintain handicaps, the USGA® was approached and asked to help.  GHIN was organized and developed by the spring of 1981 and provided handicap computation services initially for one regional golf association, the Metropolitan Golf Association, in New York. 

Today, GHIN is one of the world's largest handicap computation services.  GHIN is provided through 71 state and regional golf associations to more than 12,400 clubs in 41 states comprising approximately 2 million golfers. 

The philosophy of GHIN is to provide a flexible high quality and cost effective handicap service to golf associations, allowing them to best serve their member clubs.  This philosophy affords the opportunity for golf associations to actively interface with their member clubs.  GHIN's purpose is to strengthen State and Regional Golf Associations.

Initially, just a paper-based service , within two years GHIN extended its offering to an Electronic Option (now referred to as the GHIN Handicap Program™) that provided score entry and player maintenance on a personal computer at the club level.  Not long after that, it added a Tournament Pairing Program® (TPP®) to its product line.  Over the years, the use of TPP has grown to include more than 7,000 golf clubs and over a hundred golf associations – as well as  the USGA for its championships.  TPP is now a complete online registration solution that includes capabilities to produce real-time scoring pages; continuous leader boards through TPP Clubhouse viewer; and handheld scoring by utilizing TPP OnCourse.

These days, Web based products and services are created to enhance the utilization of GHIN by golf associations, golf clubs and golfers.  Nearly a million golfers receive their handicap report via the  GHIN eNewsletter which is e-mailed directly to members after each revision.  Hundreds of golf club officials are able to do their routine GHIN activities through a secure Web site called   

A GHIN eClubhouse website allows clubs to organize, communicate and conduct itself in a streamlined manner.  For public clubs, eClubhouse facilitates membership recruitment and retention.  A fully functional event module allows for planning the most robust schedule while allowing golfers to sign up online.  .  Each club member is able to maintain their own scoring statistics and review them utilizing a powerful graphing and reporting capability.  For golfers who are on GHIN without a club using eClubhouse, eGolfer provides most of the same functionality.

With thirty years of service completed, we look forward to many more years of innovation and enhancements!   For more information about GHIN or any of its products and services, please contact your golf association.