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eGolfer Upgrade Complete!

The eGolfer migration to the new platform is now complete! Just a reminder, current users will need to reset their passwords. Password reset instructions will be sent via E-mail

The new eGolfer will provide new features and upgrades to the existing functionality.

  • Post and Boast! Share your rounds with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or via E-mail
  • New and improved statistical reporting.
  • Quick Post: Quickly post another ESC score to a course you have already played without having to enter all of the round data! Just click the “Quick Post” icon then enter the date and score.
  • myCourses: A new feature called myCourses “remembers” all courses you have posted scores to and allows you to select them from a drop-down list during the score posting process.
  • Edit HBH data: Add HBH information quickly and easily by clicking the “edit” icon next to the round in your score history.

 New and Improved eGolfer Coming Soon