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eGolfer Upgrade Underway

GHIN is excited to announce that the eGolfer upgrade has begun! eGolfer will be unavailable until the transition to the new platform is complete, which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9, 2011.  Once relaunched, current users will have to reset their passwords. Further instruction will be sent via E-mail.

The new eGolfer will provide new features and upgrades to the existing functionality.

  • Post and Boast! Share your rounds with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or via E-mail
  • New and improved statistical reporting.
  • Quick Post: Quickly post another ESC score to a course you have already played without having to enter all of the round data! Just click the “Quick Post” icon then enter the date and score.
  • myCourses: A new feature called myCourses “remembers” all courses you have posted scores to and allows you to select them from a drop-down list during the score posting process.
  • Edit HBH data: Add HBH information quickly and easily by clicking the “edit” icon next to the round in your score history.

 New and Improved eGolfer Coming Soon