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Federacion Dominicanna De Golf to Join GHIN

Far Hills, N.J. (Oct. 10) - The United States Golf Association announced today that Federación Dominicana de Golf (FEDOGOLF) - the national governing body for golf in the Dominican Republic - will join the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN) service on Jan. 1, 2009, becoming the second international golf association to subscribe to the network.

Earlier this year, Bermuda became the first non-U.S. golf association to subscribe to GHIN. Last month, the Virginia State Golf Association became the 63rd U.S.-based state or regional association to join the GHIN network. Like FEDOGOLF, the VSGA will begin using the service on Jan. 1.

“The GHIN service is extremely pleased to have FEDOGOLF utilize our products and services as part of its overall efforts to strengthen organized golf throughout the Dominican Republic,” said Steve Smyers, a USGA Executive Committee member and chairman of the GHIN Committee. “We look forward to a long affiliation with the Federation and its membership.”

FEDOGOLF, a member of the International Golf Federation and one of 22 national golf organizations outside of the U.S. licensed to use the USGA Handicap System™, currently has 17 member clubs that serve 6,000 local golfers. Five additional golf courses are pending because they are either new or under construction.

A majority of the country’s golf courses are situated within resort properties and generate approximately 250,000 rounds a year, many from vacationing U.S. golfers with an established USGA Handicap Index®.

“After the Dominican Golf Federation did an extensive review of its options in a very competitive marketplace, we think it speaks volumes about what GHIN has done in developing its products and services to assist golf associations and its member clubs and golfers,” said Carlos Elmudesi, vice-president of FEDOGOLF, Inc. “We are very pleased to be joining the many associations and golfers currently using the GHIN service, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best services possible for our members.”

By subscribing to GHIN, FEDOGOLF members can expect to see the following benefits and services:

  • Internet score posting
  • Internet handicap verification
  • Handicap revision e-mails
  • One unique golfer number and scoring record regardless of how many clubs at which a golfer is a member

In addition to the above services, FEDOGOLF members can expect the following services and benefits:

  • Ability to perform club maintenance and print reports from your home computer or laptop via the Internet
  • Ability to design and print custom reports through the handicap system and tournament management program Internationally recognized tournament software
  • Ability to design and print custom scorecards A web tool that enables clubs to post subject matter available to the public and/or members only

The handicap and tournament software (TPP®) packages that accompany the GHIN service are developed by the USGA and will be supported by FEDOGOLF.