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New Features on! (Handicap Lookup and Post Scores Widgets

GHIN has recently introduced enhancements to the “Post Scores” and “Handicap Lookup” functions on By utilizing the latest web development technologies, GHIN has significantly streamlined these processes resulting in a much more satisfying user experience.

Post Scores Widget
Enhancements include not having to navigate through numerous “wizard-type” pages, as the entire posting process is contained within a single web module, or widget. Additionally, enhanced messaging within the new widgets will provide more details and eliminate guesswork about why a particular request could not be processed. For example, the message presented to a golfer who is trying to post online but belongs to a club that doesn’t allow internet posting will be “Internet Score Posting Not Allowed for your Club”, instead of “You must be an active member of a club that allows Internet Score Posting”.

Handicap Lookup Widget
This widget provides the user with a much more polished interface that utilizes a tabbed view for "Revision Scores", "Most Recent Scores", "Handicap History" and "Course Handicap". This improved interface will allow the user to seamlessly navigate views without having to click links that open additional pop-ups or redirect to different pages. Furthermore, the "Multi-Player Lookup" mode has been remodeled and is no longer restricted to five (5) GHIN numbers.