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Sri Lanka America GC of CA, 2/26/2018
Dear Golfers,
We had a successful Golf tournament on Sunday 2/25 at Simi Hills Golf course, Simi Valley;
The annual Challenge, SLAGC vs Golf India USA,
Golf India won this year, "2018 challenge" 6:4 with one tied.
Congratulations to Golf India team led by Colonel Vinod Chhabra; also the good sportsmanship by both teams.
The four Winning pairs for SLAGC were as follows:
  1. Dr Roy del Rossario and Christian Chitty
  2. Dr Munif Rahal and Steven James
  3. Mervyn Peris and Nick Perera
  4. Chris Chitty (Captain) and Arnie Chandiram.


  1. Clifford Baptist (Vice Captain) and Harold Perera.

Team SLAGC of 22 Golfers (11 pairs), included the following:

  1. Dr Roy Del Rossario & Christian Chitty.
  2. Mohan Chandramohan & Denham Emersley
  3. Dr Munif Rahal & Steven James
  4. Mervyn Peris & Nick Perera
  5. Krishan Sutharshan & JD Jitendran
  6. Shah Doole & Romesh Wijeysuriya
  7. Clifford Baptist & Harold Perera
  8. Chris Chitty & Arnie Chandiram
  9. Chandler Moonesinghe & Jonathan Mather
  10. Tilak Thanam & Dr Ganesh Devendra
  11. Bobby Dharmaratnam & Dinesh de Silva

The next SLAGC tournament dates are as follows, details to follow:

  • April 9th, Monday, at Spanish Hills, Ventura, SHOT GUN at 10:00 a.m. SKINS $ 20, SCGA organized.
  • April 15th, Sunday, at Sierra Lakes, Fontana, tee time at 11;00 a.m.. 4th Annual Challenge Cup # 1 of 3.
  • June 9th, Saturday, Sri Lanka 10th annual  Inter-Schools tournament, at Los Robles, Thousand Oaks, SHOT GUN at 1:00 p.m. 
  • June 25th, Monday, at Pelican Hill, South, Newport Beach, Tee times at 9:00 a.m. SKINS $ 20, SCGA organized.

Also attached member renewal form, and updated tournament calendar.

Thank you,

Jonathan, Exec comm, SLAGC of Ca.,

Photo of 11 of the 22 from "TEAM SLAGC":

L to R:

Dinesh De Silva,Tilak Thanam, Mervyn Peris, JD Jitendran, Chandler Moonesinghe, Arne Chandiram,

Jonathan Mather, Mohan Chandramohan, Steven James, Dr Munif Rahal and Chris Chitty (Captain).

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