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2019 Tournament Schedule
Boulder Creek GC, 2/08/2019


Your Board of Directors has made some changes to the 2019 schedule.  Please see attached, revised schedule as of 2/8/2019.  Changes are in red. We have retained all of the same dates for our tournaments so your vacation plans, etc. should not be affected, but what tournaments on which days has changed as follows:

We have added a new venue!  May 18th we will play Pasadera (aka Nicklaus Club)!  This is a private club just past the Laguna Seca GC.  This course is amazing and pristine!  I was able to play a preview round and it has perfect conditions, a challenging layout (same ratings as Poppy Hills) and immaculate conditions!  Not a divot in the fairway (at least until after we play it!).  Lots of elevation changes and very fun!  Cost will be less than Poppy Hills was slightly!

We moved the Net Amateur Qualifier from the date we used for Pasadera to August 17, 2019.  This will allow the course to be in the best condition possible for us to play this event and still make the entry deadline with our winners in September.

We are moving Monterey Pines from the date we used for the Amateur Qualifier to October 26, 2019 and retaining it as an Away Tournament.

We have eliminated Pacific Grove as an Away venue for 2019.

We hope you like the changes.  We are working hard to make sure our members have fun!



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