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AGA - 2019 tournament sign ups
Austin Golf Association, 1/18/2019

Hello Golfers,

Tournament registration has changed from years prior. In order to sign up for a tournament, you must first log in. Once you login you can access the sign up by clicking on the tournament listed at the bottom of the home page (once signed in) or in the events tab (must be signed in).

There will be a link to click in the event page. Then follow the instruction to complete registration.

Going forward, once the tournament is open for registration, you should receive an email to sign up directly that way, but if you happen to miss that email, you can sign up through eclubhouse.

If there are any issues or questions, please email AustinGAinfo@gmail.com

If you need help remembering your login or pass word, please email AustinGAinfo@gmail.com

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