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2020 Board Members Nominations
Norwich Golf Club, 8/12/2019

     At the last meeting Jon Hominski established a committee consisting of Dave DeRosier and Norm Bourdon to seek out individuals interested in running for the Board. The election occurs after the Maintenance Revenge tournament in the month of November.  I am putting this EMAIL out so those who are interested can talk to Dave or myself.  We will be putting a list together and present this.We recognize this EMAIL is early but feel it is important to have you think about it.


   The Board's main function is to get members to get the most value out of their membership.  Several of our functions include putting together club events and spreading news on what is happening at the course.  Additional value is the FREE tournaments members can participate in which includes several coming up.

The numbers for club events have gone down in the past several years.  This would be the time for you to get involved and come up with new ideas.  Please see either Dave or myself to discuss.

Thank You,

Norm Bourdon

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