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Posting of Scores begins April 1st
Norwich Golf Club, 3/26/2019

Active Handicap Posting Season Begins April 1st


The 2019 golf season is officially here!  Monday, April 1st marks the beginning of the active handicap season in Connecticut. All rounds played in Connecticut (as of April 1st) are eligible to be posted for handicap purposes.

Anyone with an official CSGA handicap has access to a wide variety of tools and resources designed to help you post your scores easily and manage your handicap. You can post your scores using one of the following ways:

- Navigate to and use the "Post Your Score" button on the right side of the page.

- Download the CSGA Mobile App, now available on the iPhone, iPad and Android. The CSGA Mobile App allows you to post scores and view your handicap index right from your mobile phone.

- Use the CSGA Handicap Computers available at all CSGA member clubs

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