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The Austin Golf Association (AGA) is the oldest and largest public golf association in Central Texas.  It is a social organization whose sole objective is to hold tournaments for its members in the Austin area.  The AGA was started about 1940, and originally had only one tournament each year.  Currently, we have over 160 members and play a tournament approximately every other week.  Tournaments usually consist of 50-60 payers organized in 4-5 flights based on handicaps.

The AGA provides a friendly golf environment for all-level competitive players who enjoy friendly competition with other players of similar abilities regardless of gender or age.  We have players of all skill levels (men and women) from scratch golfers to 30+ handicaps.

Tournaments are flighted by handicap and played under USGA rules.  Approximately one of every three players (30%) in each flight wins a prize.

Membership includes a GHIN handicap index which is accepted at most tournaments played outside the AGA.

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Annual Dues

Our season runs from January through December.  Dues for a full season are $60.  For couples (adults), the dues are $90, that is: $60 for the first member and $30 for their spouse.  Junior family members (under 18 years old) may join for free.

Beginning in September, new or returning members can join and play for the remainder of the current season for $30.

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