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April 7, 2015 12:00 AM - May 5, 2015 11:00 PM
Homestead Golf Course
11500 West Hampden Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80227
Homestead Golf Course
Field Size:

Individual Handicap Match Play Competition


This is a season-long double elimination event.  Registration is limited to the first 32 players who have paid the $25 entry fee.  The tournament field will close by May 5th, 2015 if not yet filled.  Brackets, pairings and deadline dates will be posted soon after registration closes.  Players must be available to play the matches by the dates listed.  If you are unwilling or unable to play an occasional weekday, or a late afternoon, or on weekends to accommodate all the participant’s varied schedules, please do not sign up.  Many of our players have jobs and it is too much to ask for them to use all of their vacation days to play their matches. 



All Matches are played according to the current USGA Rules of Golf, The Game, Rule 2 - Match Play.  Please note – the Rules and penalties for Match Play often differ from Stroke Play.  It is each player’s responsibility to know and play according to the Rules.  Any disputes will be resolved by the Match Play Committee, assisted by the Rules Committee as necessary.  Follow the Rules for the procedure in any situation and report to the Match Play Committee promptly.


Tee Boxes

All golfers will play from the Blue tees at full handicap course handicap, rounded up or down to next nearest number; .5 is rounded up.  Players with no Handicap Index at the time of match will play as if their Index is 0.0.  In all Individual Handicap matches it is the responsibility of each player to obtain his current Handicap Index and get his Course Handicap from the chart above the computer for BLUE tees and record the handicap number next to his name on the scorecard.  Subtract the lower handicap from the higher and then assign the difference to the higher handicap player.  On the scorecard mark your “dots” on all the harder (lowest handicap) holes before play begins.  See the example sheet posted on the Match Play board.


In the case of a tie after 18 holes the match will continue in a sudden death playoff on the 1st or 10th hole (strokes fall where they may) at the sole discretion of the pro shop and starter.  The preferred method is to begin the playoff on the same hole on which the match began.  If the course is not available, then a scorecard playoff will be used.  The winner will be determined by who won the most holes over the last 9.  If still tied, then the winner of the most holes over the last 6, then the last 3, then the last player to win a hole.


Upon completion, please indicate the result on the match play bracket board located on the Men’s Club bulletin board, and the completed scorecard is to be placed in the bin to the left of the GHIN computer at HGC.  Also, please e-mail Ron Hilsenhoff ( with the match results.


Setting Tee Times

Opponents will set their own tee times, in coordination with the tournament director, and in coordination with both players designated availability to play matches.  Both parties are responsible for setting up the match.  The tournament director will ensure the timeliness in the setting of matches throughout the summer by being part of or initiating the scheduling emails. 

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