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Team 2-Man Competition Sign up

April 3, 2015 12:00 AM - May 5, 2015 12:00 AM
Homestead Golf Course
11500 West Hampden Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80227
Homestead Golf Course
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Sign up for team match play If you have a partner or not, we'll pair you with another member. This are competition that run through the summer. Sign up by May 5th.


Homestead’s 2-Man Team Competition

Compete in a 2-man team competition throughout the summer ($25 entry fee per player); with the following 18 hole, two-man events: (entry for this event closes May 5, 2015)

a)      Best Ball Stableford (to be completed in April) (can be completed by May 15th for any late entrants or teams delayed in playing due to weather-related or early-season timing issues)

b)      Chapman (to be completed in May) (thru June 5th if necessary)

c)       Alternate Shot (to be completed in June)

d)      Scramble (to be completed in July)  (net strokes to be deducted from total gross team score)

e)      Best Ball (to be completed in August)

f)       Playoffs (to be completed in September)

All 5 events and the playoffs will be scored as net events, with a higher handicap division (playing from silver tees) and a lower handicap division (playing from blue tees).  Team handicaps and the event format are per standard HMGC rules for the event.  High/Low team divisions are based on the total team handicap.  Please no handicap variances greater than 10.

The determination of divisions will be done after the May 5th sign-up deadline.

Each month your team competes against all other teams in your division with a stacked-ranking on the order of finish for each event.  (i.e. with 10 teams in a division – 1st place gets 10 pts, 2nd gets 9 pts, etc.)  Any team failing to play the event during the month would get at least 1 point.

For each monthly event the teams will:

a)      Play anytime the team wants to during the designated month

b)      Play with another team, or any player registered in the event, (even if they are not competing in the team competition on that day) for scoring/attest purposes

c)       Let the tournament director know via emails when playing and promptly report their scores

A list of players in this team event will be circulated to all participants to help with scheduling.

It’s the “Rub of the Green” regarding the weather conditions and pin placements when your team chooses to play in the monthly event.  You cannot cancel your round once it has started unless you are rained-out or the course is otherwise closed or considered unplayable.

The Men’s Club will set up some pre-arranged dates/times during each month, to help encourage the teams to meet their monthly event requirements.

After the 5 qualifying events, the top teams in each division will play each other in a 36-hole playoff.  The number of teams qualifying in each division will depend on the overall number of teams signed-up.  It is likely to be 2-3 teams in each division qualifying for the playoffs.  If a tiebreaker is necessary, the team points scored in the most recent event is the first tiebreaker, continuing backwards as necessary.

For the playoff, the 1st 9 holes will be a Scramble, the 2nd 9 a Modified Chapman, the 3rd 9 will be an Alternate Shot, and the last 9 finishes with a 2-Man Best Ball.

Based on total number of entries, the Low and High handicap division winners will also play each other in a final playoff (if there are enough entrants).

The monthly and playoff event formats will be distributed out to each team by email.

The high score in each division for each monthly event will also win some of the prize money!!!

Sign up with a partner, or sign up as a single and we will pair you up. 

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Ron Hilsenhoff
(720) 251-9518
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