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Match Play vs Par

January 6, 2018 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
14050 Carmel Ridge Rd
San Diego, CA 92128
Carmel Mt Ranch Golf Club
Field Size:

Our first tournament for 2018 will be Match Play vs. Par.  The field will be divided into flights based on 1/1/18 handicaps with half the field playing blue and half playing green.  Your card will be marked with your stroke holes and if you beat par (net birdie or better) you win that hole, +1.  If you make net par you push, 0,  and net bogey or worse you loose, -1.  Seniors may play green and super seniors white.  If any player assigned to green tees wishes to play blue, he will get the two additional strokes compared to the other green tee competitors.  If you sign up online email Vince to make your tee preference known to the tournament chair. 

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Vince Dagostino
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