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Roy Kizer Stroke Play - GGID TRFSUR

January 27, 2019
5400 Jimmy Clay Dr
Austin, TX 78744 


Tee Times begin at 10:30



1.  Enter the Event GGID in the top right drop down menu to sign in.   TRFSUR

2.  Select "Register Now"

3.  Select "New Registration"

4.  Enter your information

    -Members, find your name and information

    -Guests, enter your information and if possible you GHIN number and or Handicap if you have either.  We will follow up with you to confirm these items before approving your participation in any games.

5.  Select what Games option you want to participate in.  **On Mobile Devices you may need to click the "i" button to see the breakdown**

6.  Indicate whether or not you are willing to help with either check-in or scoring.  

7. Pay at this Time and just show up, grab a card, and go play!  You may pay later if you like but check-in will take longer.

8.  Show up, play well, and have a great time!




With the new Flighting process, Players MUST select which games they will participate in during the Tournament.  Payment is NOT required at the time or registration but is encouraged.

If you want to pre-pay and save yourself and us major check-in time, select the standard Games option that you want to participate in and proceed to payment.

Each Games option has a Cash or Check option. 

If you intend to pay at the tournament, select a Cash or Check option and SKIP PAYMENT.

For some reason if you intend to pay at a later time or at tournament AND use a credit or debit card, you would select the standard option (Not Cash or Check) and SKIP PAYMENT.

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