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Roy Kizer Modified Stableford

December 16, 2018 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Roy Kizer Golf Course
5400 Jimmy Clay Dr
Austin, TX 78744
Austin Golf Association
Field Size:

Fees for Everything: $80

AGA Fee:    $ 3

Course Fee: $ 40

Gross Game: $ 11

Net Game:   $ 11

Skins:      $ 11

CTPs:       $ 4


Modified Stableford Rules

AGA Modified Stableford Rules

1. Stableford play is defined in Rule 32b of the Rules of Golf which awards points to net hole scores such that

the highest point total wins.

2. Our tournament will deviate from Rule 32b by having both a gross and net game and by using the following

Score Points

Double bogey or higher 0

Bogey 1

Par 3

Birdie 5

Eagle 8

Double Eagle or lower 11

3. Record the gross score for each hole. Stableford points for the gross and net games will be calculated by

computer at the scorer’s table.

4. Your scorecard will indicate the number of handicap strokes you get on each hole.

5. Skins and CTPs games are played as usual.

6. All other USGA rules apply.

7. There will only be 2 flights.

8. Members only as there must be an established handicap for this event.

Contact Information
Roger Hsu
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