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The Home Course Men's Golf Club offers USGA Handicap Indexes through the Washington State Golf Association. It also runs tournaments for it's members and promotes Amateur golf by supporting the Washington Junior Golf Association, Evans Scholars Foundation, Turf Grass Research, and The First Green Program.. ...


Attached you will find the results and payouts for the six 2019 Club Championships.
The Home Course, 08/18/2019
Attached, you will find the revised results and payouts for our July 20th Summer Field Day.
The Home Course, 07/22/2019
Attached, you will find the Knuth Tournament Points List as of July 20, 2019.
The Home Course, 07/19/2019
Attached, you will find the results and payouts for our 2019 Member-Guest event. We had our largest field, 136 players, ever. Next year we will raise the maximum number of players to accommodate all that are interested in playing in the event.
The Home Course, 06/26/2019
Attached, you will find the results, payouts, winnings and comments regarding our May 18th event.
The Home Course, 05/18/2019



September 28, 2019 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The Home Course
2300 Golf House Road
DuPont, WA 98327
The Home Course
Field Size:
In Chapman Stroke Play, two players play as partners, each playing from the teeing ground and each player playing his partner’s ball for the second shot After the second shot, including par three holes, partners select the ball with which they wish to score and then play that ball alternately to complete the hole

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