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McCormick Woods Women's Golf Club offers opportunities for women of all skill level to improve their golf game in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. We organize 10 tournaments a year and have play days on Tuesdays and Saturdays from April through October. Whether you want to advance your game or just have fun with a terrific group of women, we enthusiastically welcome you to join our golf club! If you want to play in other tournaments check www.thepnga.org under the Championship tab! ...


August photos

Gallery Summary: Enjoy the miscellaneous August photos taken while playing golf at our beautiful McCormick Woods Golf Club

Claudette Heston, 08/04/2018
Battle of the Sexes

Gallery Summary: The Women WON the battle between the ladies club and the mens club!!! We beat them by 4!!!

Claudette Heston, 08/04/2018
December 2017 Night Out!

Gallery Summary: The Women's Club take over the bar night!

Jan Bjorke, 03/07/2017
Lakeland Village Ladies' Open

Gallery Summary: The McCormick Group had a great time at the Lakeland Village Ladies' Open!

Jan Bjorke, 08/09/2016

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