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E-Club of Reno, 04/20/2017
Juniors can start signing up for GHIN numbers March 15
E-Club of Reno, 03/01/2016
Starting March 15th NNGA members will be able to post scores played in this area. Reno Carson Golf Club members will be notified by email about dues.
E-Club of Reno, 02/15/2016
With the recent change over to the new format, paying by credit card to renew your membership requires a few steps more. The good news you only have to do this once. Click on the link to see instructions.
E-Club of Reno, 03/12/2015
Starting March 1st you will be able to charge your dues using the a new processing company, NMI. No more PayPal, just signup once and your in.
E-Club of Reno, 02/12/2015

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