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Here are the preliminary results. Golf Genius is now open. Code is MCSGCN.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 10/10/2019
Welcome to the last of this year's events. If you have ideas for next year tell your rep. The board will listen to help us grow to be a better association.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 10/06/2019
Here are the results from Wednesday's play. It was a beautiful day and a very good course to play. I hope all had a great time in the Sun.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/25/2019
Tuesday had a little breeze. but being in the trees sheltered a lot of it.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/24/2019
I will post both tournaments here. The GGID for Vet's Memorial is MCSGWW and the GGID for Wildhorse is MCSGWI
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/22/2019

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