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Torrey Pines Men's Golf Club Member Benefits

Thank y
ou for your interest in the Torrey Pines Mens Golf Club.  The Torrey Pines Mens Golf Club (TPMGC) is a well established golf club for San Diego City and County residents ONLY. The TPMGC plays its events at the beautiful Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course and at various courses around San Diego County.  The TPMGC generally plays on either Thursdays or Sundays.  For additional information, please visit the official website at:


You will find there how to enter tournaments and other information regarding the operation of the Club.  You will also find the tournament schedules, sign-up information, and starting times for both Thursdays and Weekends there.  Be sure to review web site as it describes how the club functions, tournament signups, schedule, etc.


If you have any further questions, call me at 619-980-3898 or email me at

Larry Prosi

Membership Chairman

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