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We are a group of golfers from the Mid-Columbia which includes players from Walla Walla to Yakima and Pendleton to Desert Aire. We play every two weeks on different courses around the area. ...


Here are the preliminary results. Golf Genius is now open. Code is MCSGCN.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 10/10/2019
Welcome to the last of this year's events. If you have ideas for next year tell your rep. The board will listen to help us grow to be a better association.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 10/06/2019
Here are the results from Wednesday's play. It was a beautiful day and a very good course to play. I hope all had a great time in the Sun.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/25/2019
Tuesday had a little breeze. but being in the trees sheltered a lot of it.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/24/2019
I will post both tournaments here. The GGID for Vet's Memorial is MCSGWW and the GGID for Wildhorse is MCSGWI
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/22/2019
I hope all enjoyed the day at Apple Tree. The weather was outstanding.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/12/2019
We had a great day for golf and some good scores were shot. I will finish this tomorrow.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/11/2019
We are playing Apple Tree Wednesday, Sept. 11th. It will be a 9:00 AM shotgun. The code for Golf Genius is MCSATR. The Pairings are posted there. There could still be some change. I will keep both sites up to date.
Mid-Columbia Senior Tour, 09/06/2019



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