Colorado Women's Golf Association
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585 West Dillon Road
Louisville, CO 80027

Contact: Lisa Norgard
Main: (303) 912-8665

About Us

This year our season begins on May 4th with a Cinco de Mayo theme kickoff.  League play continues until the end of October.  We are excited to be back at our newly rebuilt, and award-winning!, course for a second year and are looking forward to excellent playing conditions.  Our tournaments planned for the season are Fun Day, Member Guest, Border Wars, Club Championship, Tombstonem and our signature Coalheim (our version of the Solheim) tournament.

Lastly, joining or being part of the CCWGA league offers you the opportunity to play more golf, gain confidence in your game, participate in many golf events and most of new people, make friends, laugh and have fun!!

You know, in golf there is always that ONE shot that keeps you coming back!!  Add a great course, fun events and good people, and you'll be a lifer!

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