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Contact: Shayne Day
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About Us


Our club's stated objective is to encourage and promote friendly competition among all of our members, advance the spirit of fellowship and serve the good of the game.

Here's what we mean by that: 

"Encourage and promote friendly competition" 

  • All competition in the club is on a handicap "low net basis". The intent is to give everyone in the club an opportunity to win the competition on a given day. 
  • For those who feel they are not ready to enter the competition we emphasize participation. When you join us, meet our members you'll see we're there to enjoy ourselves. 
  • We also have a liberal guest policy and enjoy having visitors.

"Advance the spirit of fellowship"

  • Most of us have memories of the athletic achievements of our younger years.  Then winning wasn't everything, it was the only thing. Now most of us realize, "being there" is far more important than winning or losing. 
  • There is a broad range of golfing skills in our club so whether you're proficient, just beginning or relearning the game you'll feel welcome in joining us to play some golf with friends. 

"Serve the good of the game"

  • The game is a game because of the rules that govern it.  Without rules the game would be nonsense. The problem is the rules are complex and very few understand them completely. Our club is diligent in adhering to the rules and equally diligent in sharing our knowledge of the rules with our members and guests. We are all learning and in our friendly competitions our approach is to help everyone understand these rules and avoid penalties.

We're at Cedarcrest Golf Course every Monday and Thursday, hope you can make it too! 

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