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Longshore 9th & 14th Hole Changes
Longshore Golf Club, 12/16/2018
To All, 
There has been a fair amount of discussion over the past couple of years about rerouting part of the course and switching hole #9 with hole #14. From a golf perspective this is appealing because it closes the gap on the difference in difficulty between the front and back nines. Also, as 18 is a great finishing hole on the back nine, 14 would be a great finishing hole on the front nine. Over the past two years this discussion has gained traction due to the location of the halfway house and the long trek from the 9th green and back to the 10th tee. This rerouting will bring golfers directly past the halfway house two times during their round.
This year the LMGA took a lead role in promoting this initiative and garnered the support of Jenn Fava, Parks & Rec Director, Jon Janik, Longshore Golf Professional and Todd Salamone, Golf Course Superintendent. This group together with the members of the Ladies Golf Associations and Doug Smith, who oversaw the bunker project undertook a plan to redesign the access from what would be the new 14th green to the 15th tee and from the new 9th green to the 10th tee. 
The main source of concern was the high traffic that would flow behind the new 9th hole for golfers getting to the 15th tee. A new proposed design was drawn up which would remove the cart path from behind the new 9th hole and reroute the traffic through a protected path parallel to the old path but up in the area of the maintenance shed. Additionally, there would be routing and minor cart path work to get golfers from the new 9th green to the 10th tee. 
A final benefit to the course rerouting would be the access to the switched 9th and 14th tees so that waiting to pass by while golfers tee off would no longer be necessary. 
There are three documents attached to this e-mail. The first two are the old and new scorecards once the switch is complete. and the last is the drawing for the rerouting of access from new 14 to 15th tee. 
The timing of this project is important as the pro and Parks & Rec will be asking the USGA to come and re-rate the course as a result of the completed bunker project. We can have them factor in the hole switch for hole handicap and new scorecard purposes. 
Finally, there will be a Golf Advisory Committee Meeting planned for the first Monday in January. If anyone wishes to attend and voice their opinion on the proposed switch time will be allocated to do so. This is a information gathering effort and no vote will be taken at this time.
Regards, Peter Krieger

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