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2018 Calandriello Final Results
Longshore Golf Club, 10/06/2018

The 2018 LMGA Calandriello Tournament is now complete and in the books.

Congratulations to Peter Krieger and Michael Fox on their victory against Chris Meinke and Dan Van Rooyen.

After going down early in the match, Meinke and Van Rooyen mounted a comeback that ended on the 17th hole. 

Congratulations to all the winning teams.

Attached are the final results including the prizes and pari-mutuel betting results.

Thanks for participating.

All winning checks will be available for pick up at the Pro Shop

Peter Krieger (win)    $       1,066.83
Michael Fox (win)    $          500.00
Chris Meinke (place)    $          250.00
Dan Van Rooyen (place)    $          250.00
Rick Rosencrans (show)    $          150.00
Jake Kelley (show)    $          150.00
Scott Asiel (fourth place)    $          279.00
Kevin Jandora (fourth place)    $          100.00
Jeff Dannenberg    $             74.58
Sean Doyle    $             74.58
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