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2018 Pape Member Guest
Longshore Golf Club, 8/22/2018

Thanks to all member participants and their guests in what was another successful LMGA Member Guest Tournament.

The results and winnings are listed below:

Final Results 

Shoot out Champion               Jon O’Keefe/Brian Mathews                          500.00

 1st Flight Champion                Sean Doyle/Joe Troy                                       200.00

1st Flight Runner Up               Scott Asiel/Connor Nugent                            100.00

2nd Flight Champion               Peter Krieger/Jon Stefanson                           200.00

2nd Flight Runner Up              Stein Brekke/Mark Brockwell                        100.00

3rd Flight Champion                Larry Vavrek/Jaime Vavrek                           200.00

3rd Flight Runner Up               Brendon Frey/Tom Ryan                                100.00

4th Flight Champion                Jon O’Keefe/Brian Mathews                          200.00

4th Flight Runner Up               Richard Levin/David Martin                          100.00

5th Flight Champion                Michael Gault/Andrew Gault                         200.00

5th Flight Runner Up               Jeff Allen/Tom Swindon                                100.00

6th Flight Champion                Tim Byrnes/ Joe Buderwitz                            200.00

6th Flight Runner Up               Tom Whelen/Jeff Kenefick                            100.00

7th Flight Champion                Corey Miller/Lance Lichorat                          200.00

7th Flight Runner Up               Lew Wirth/Bill Angell                                    100.00

8th Flight Champion                Leonel Calderon/Richard Cohen                    200.00

8th Flight Runner Up               Mark Mastrianni/Jim Mendenhall                  100.00


Closest to Pin Day 1               Sean Doyle (Member)                                     50.00

Closest to Pin Day 1               Tom Ryan (Guest)                                          50.00

Closest to Pin Day 2               Ryan Smith (Member)                                    50.00

Closest to Pin Day 2                                                                                       50.00


Longest Drive Day 1              Matt Rutstein                                                  50.00

Longest Drive Day 2              Justin Carmichael                                            50.00


Putting Contest 1st Place         Marc Theisinger                                              100.00

Putting Contest 2nd Place        Dave Otterburn                                               50.00



Skins Day 1 ($420 each):

            Lance Lichorat

            Lance Lichorat

            Tom McGee Jr.


Skins Day 2 ($180 each):



Kevin Liberatore

            Todd Jeffrey

            Matt Rutstein

            Mark Brockwell

             Ed Naylor

             Richard Cohen

 Lew Wirth



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