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Calandriello Tournament Final Results
Longshore Golf Club, 10/02/2017

The 2017 LMGA Calandriello Tournament is now in the history books.

Congratulations to Paul Gibson and Ben Stefan for becoming the tournament winners.

Congratulations to Brian Chapman and Jerome Murphy for placing second.

The attachments show the final bracket standings as well as the summary of prizes and wagering.

This year, there were no wagers on the teams that finished first and second.

All of the betting pool was allocated to the third and fourth place teams.

Just to clarify the betting, the wagering is not true pari-mutuel betting. It is actually a hat pool.

In pari-mutuel betting, the house would have kept the wagering for first and second places.

In hat pool betting, all of the betting monies are returned to those who placed wagers.

My apologies for any misunderstandings regarding the betting.

Thanks to everyone for participating. There were some very interesting matches.

In the later matches, the course conditions were challenging with the bunker improvement project underway.


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