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Willows Run Golf Club, 4/01/2017

We have a new online Event Results Portal for 2017, which has individual event results as well as season-long points and statistics. 

Results Portal http://www.golfgenius.com/ggid/wmc2017

There are four "Event Groups" - click the appropriate group for the event, then hover over the "tabs" to select different results and statistics. 

  • Willows Mens Club Majors 2017 - This is the group for individual weekend major events - Welcome Back, June WMC Classic, Club Championship, etc.
  • WMC Thursday League - All the Thursday League results
  • President's Cup Match Play Series - Qualifiers and individual match results
  • Two Man Team Best Ball Match Play Series - Team match play results

We will also be posting individual results, points tracker and season-long skins results in our results folder here:

Results Folder: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsxWq6XwyC8MhFWHYXt_U2ecnLmY 

Please Note for Purse and Prize:

  • Purse (prize) includes both Pro Shop Credit (Tournament winners) as well as side game payouts (KP and Skins). 
  • Points includes participation points (50 for 18 hole events; 20 for Thursdays) as well as Tournament Winnngs (1 point per $).  Points do not acrue for side games (KP and Skins). 

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