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2019 New Member Referral - Special Promotion!
Northwest Ladies Golf Assn, 2/09/2019

New Member Referral - Special Promotion!  This year we are again promoting increased membership for NLGA. For EACH new person you refer who signs up with NLGA, you will receive a $20 discount to be used at a 2019 social, outing or clinic. Yes, you read that correctly!....that means if you refer five people who become new members this year, you will receive five $20 discounts! What a deal!! Be sure to tell the new member you are referring to indicate you as the referral. Please note that the discount(s) will not be valid for NLGA leagues; and, the discounts are non-transferrable to other members.

If referring a friend, please give them these instructions. 

Instructions for NLGA Membership Registration (for NEW members):

  1. Go to www.nlga.net
  2. Click on the green “Join this Club” button.
  3. Fill in your application data, then click “Next”
  4. Under the Membership Level agree to both Terms of Service, then click “Next”
  5. Enter payment information, then click “Finish”
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