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NLGA Board Roles
Northwest Ladies Golf Assn, 9/16/2015


The President is responsible for leading NLGA Board & Member meetings, representing NLGA at internal and external events, and overseeing that NLGA stays in good financial and Member standing.  The President conducts NLGA Board meetings and guides the NLGA decision making process. The President is expected to be a regular participant in NLGA events.

Vice President

The Vice President acts for the President when the President is unavailable.  The Vice President also responds to communications submitted to the NLGA email, phone and social media mailboxes, and is responsible for communications to the full Membership.  The Vice President is expected to be a regular participant in NLGA events.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining NLGA financial accounts in good standing.  Treasurer activities include: preparing the annual budget, providing monthly financial reports at Board meetings, coordinating payment with Committee Chairs, maintaining records of event payments, coordinating the annual audit of financial records by a non-board member, regularly collecting mail at the NLGA PO Box, and writing checks for Board approved expenses. 


The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at NLGA Board and Member meetings and maintaining the Bylaws and any other non-financial documentation that may be required for NLGA.  The Secretary is expected to be a regular participant in NLGA events.

Clinics Chair

The Clinics chair organizes at least 4 golf skill training sessions per year and regularly attends Board meetings.

GHIN Chair

The GHIN chair ensures NLGA complies with GHIN calculation rules, provides handicap groupings for the NLGA Club Championship, calculates the most Improved Player for the Fall Meeting, and provides other GHIN calculations as requested by the Board.  The GHIN Chair consistently (or regularly) attends Board meetings.

Golf Show Coordinator 

The Golf Show Coordinator secures NLGA’s involvement in the Seattle Golf Show and organizes NLGA volunteers to work the NLGA and other Golf Show booths.  Attendance at the NLGA Board meetings prior to the Golf Show is preferred.    

Leagues Chair

The Leagues Chair negotiates the terms of league play at local golf courses and coordinates league activities with the League captains.  The League Chair regularly attends Board meetings. 

Members-at-Large (3)

The Members-at-Large (MALs) are the liaison between NLGA Membership and the Board.  The MALs are expected to be regular participants in NLGA events and use these event to solicit suggestions & concerns from Members.  Each MAL will assist the Outing Chairperson with planning and hosting ~3 outings, and/or assist other Committee Chairs.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair contacts new Members to welcome them to NLGA, explain NLGA events and registration processes, maintains a historical member roster and outreaches to former members. The Membership Chair regularly attends Board meetings.

Newsletter Chair

The Newsletter Chair prepares the newsletter layout, does the editing and distributes 1 or 2 informational NLGA newsletters per year.  The Newsletter Chair regularly attends Board meetings.

Outings Chair

The Outing Chair leads the Members-at-Large to plan and negotiate at least 8 Saturday or Sunday golf events with local golf courses.  The Outings Chair regularly attends Board meetings.

Socials Chair

The Socials Chair plans the Spring Social, the Fall Meeting, and if requested by the Board, 1-2 weekend golf getaways.  The Socials Chair regularly attends Board meetings

Web Chair

The Web Chair oversees the functioning of the NLGA website, interfaces with the web software companies in regards to use of credit card functions, and posts NLGA news and events to the website.  The Web Chair regularly attends Board meetings.

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