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Mather Golf Club Jan 2019 MTI
Mather GC, 1/03/2019

Mather Golf Club Members,

Happy New Year!!  The Mather Golf Club Board hopes that you and your families had a fantastic Holiday Season.  Attached please find the latest Mather Tournament Index for Jan 2019.

A friendly reminder in how the Mather Tournament Index is calculated and how tournament handicaps are determinded:

  • Utilize the 3 lowest MGC ESC tournament scores from the last 6 MGC tournaments played (consecutively) by the MGC member to calculate their MTI.
  • If you are a NEW member WITHOUT a GHIN number, your MTI will be calculated as follows:
    • 1-2 Tournaments                            No index
    • 3 Tournaments                                Lowest 1
    • 4 Tournaments                                Lowest 2
    • 5 Tournaments                                Lowest 2
    • 6 Tournaments                                Lowest 3
    • If you are a NEW member WITH a GHIN, your MTI will be calculated as follows:
      • 1 Tournament                                  75% of GHIN Index
      • 2 Tournaments                                90% of GHIN
      • After 2 MGC ESC tournaments scores, MTI will be use based on criteria above.
      • Cannot win a tournament until MTI is established, eligible to place.
      • All MTI will be posted on the MGC home page, which can be view at
      • A tournament tracker spreadsheet will also be available on the home page that will provide the tournament date and ESC used to calculate your MTI.

We encourage all MGC members to attend our monthly MGC board meetings to voice any issues or concerns that they may have along with potential solutions.  The MGC board appreciates all of it club members and values all feedback or insights that you have to help deliver a better experience to the members.


Mike Bernet and the MGC Board

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