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2019 Mather Golf Club Membership Renewal Process
Mather GC, 12/13/2018

The Mather Golf Club (MGC) is completing very successful 2018.  We were able to hold many very enjoyable events for our club members and we continue to have strong competitions for our monthly club tournaments.  Our Club Championship was an especially rewarding this year and everyone who participated had a great time.  We expect to have another good year as we move into 2019.  Remember all our NCGA qualifiers fall in the first part of the calendar year and you need to have the minimum number of qualifying rounds to be able to play in the qualifying event.  For 2019, the MGC Board of Directors has reduced the required number of previous rounds required to 4 from the 6 that were required last year. We did this in hopes that more club members will try to qualify in the fun events in 2019.  Copies of the 2019 Weekend and Weekday Tournament Schedules are available on the MGC Website News Section.

As we close out the year, it time for all our members to renew their membership for the 2019 Calendar Year.  The fee for the renewal is $85 as long as you submit your renewal by December 31, 2018.  Starting in January 1, 2019, the fee goes up to $95. 

There are several ways you can renew your Mather Golf Club:

First is to go to the Mather Golf Web site, log in and select the renew membership option near your log in section of the web page.  You can pay by credit card if you use this option. 

Second is to mail in your renewal application by completing the attached form and attaching your check when you renew your membership and mailing to the address on the form:

Mather Golf Club

Attn:  Membership

4103 Zinfandel Dr.

Mather Ca.  95655.


Third, we have a Mather Golf Club Box in the Pro Shop next to the doorway across from the desk that you can drop off your membership and pay by cash or check anytime the Pro Shop is open.

Be sure to pass this membership application to your friends if any of them want to join our club.  The fee for a new member is $95 and then can either mail in the application or drop it in the box in the Mather Pro Shop.

I hope everyone has a very good 2018 and we look forward to an even more enjoyable and successful 2019.

Mike Gravely




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