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It took from September 9 to September 30 but the Match Play Championship has been completed.
Palo Alto GC, 10/01/2017
The second round of the Stroke Play Championship was held July 9 at Moffet Field.
Palo Alto GC, 07/15/2017
On July 8, the club held its annual qualifier for the NCGA Net Amateur Championship. Four golfers advanced to the next round of the competition on September 14.
Palo Alto GC, 07/15/2017
On June 24 the club traveled to Poppy Ridge to hold its version of the American Century Championship.
Palo Alto GC, 07/15/2017
Member Craig Allen forwarded some photos of the new golf course under construction. We're getting closer to having a home course again!
Palo Alto GC, 06/17/2017

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