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  Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

Malibu Golf Club Member Benefits

1.  The ability to post a round via this website, if you miss or forget to post at a local golf course, thus maintaining your index.  By clicking on "myGame" top of login box... then clicking on "Post a Score" - along the top of page.

2.  Score correction if you miss-post or discover incorrect posting information via your club delegate or SCGA handicap official.

3.  Received your bi-monthly index via email from GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network)

4.  Received SCGA's annual directory/magazine along with offerings of events or play days.

5.  Keeping your membership contagious and maintaining the prestige of being a long term member.

6.  Option to host charitable events to raise funds for needed causes. (Contact your delegate for information and assistance)

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in hosting outing events in behalf of our members (Tournament or an Event Director), please contact your delegate.

GHIN Member Benefits
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