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We are a non-profit men's golf club operating out of Foxtail Golf Club in Rohnert Park, CA. We are an NCGA club and by joining you will have an NCGA handicap and ability to play in our tournaments. ...


The Foxtail Men's Golf Club Board of Directors has adopted the following Local Rules for the courses at the Foxtail GC.
Foxtail Men's GC, 03/22/2015
Congratulations to Ryan Horton, Jim Paustenbach, Steve Ikard, and Doug Meiswinkel for qualifying for the NCGA North Bay Zone tournament in Monterey.
Foxtail Men's GC, 03/17/2015
Hard and fast greens, isn't that what we want? Well we got them and most of the scores sky-rocketed. There were a few with exceptional talent who were able to bring the course to its knees, but for most of us, it was us that were on our knees.
Foxtail Men's GC, 03/03/2015
Hard to believe that this is February. The great weather brought forth some great scores.
Foxtail Men's GC, 02/19/2015
Chilly and foggy made the conditions tough, but there were some teams that faired well. Congratulations to the teams of Brian Scullion/Jim Spence and Bruce Buchanan/Neal Stone.
Foxtail Men's GC, 01/19/2015
Final Results
Foxtail Men's GC, 01/14/2015



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