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pspan class=bodyclassThe Sacramento Long Shots is an NCGA Associate club We encourage golfers with varying abilities to join our club We currently have members with handicaps as low as one, and as high as 39 So as you can see we have a wide range of skilled players The members also vary in age Young and old can enjoy them selves in our tournaments We play only by the rules of golf No mulligans here We would like our players to be active in the club If you are available to play at least one day a month, then our tournaments will provide you with the opportunity to make new friends as well as motivate you to improve your game while enjoying fri ...


Brian Collins is the Saccramento Long Shots Player of the Year for 2018. He won our Feb, June, and July tournaments as well as Match Play championship and end of the year Club Championship.
Sacramento Long Shots, 11/18/2018
The winner of our 2 Day Club Championship is Brian Collins. Second place goes to Bill Casey and third place goes to Larry Sifuentes. Closest to pin was Bill Casey and Ed Leano and Long drive went to Larry Sifuentes and Elliot Pytosky.
Sacramento Long Shots, 11/13/2018
updated 11/18/2018
Sacramento Long Shots, 10/25/2018
The winner of our away tournament was Larry Sifuentes, second place went to Allen Autry and third place was Ed Leano. Closest to pin was Lito Leano and long drive was Elliot Pytosky.
Sacramento Long Shots, 10/09/2018
The winner of our Chicago Points tournament was Ray Guerrero, second place went to Willie Atkinson and third place was Larry Sifuentes. Closest to pin was Bill Casey and long drive was Dean Guerrero.
Sacramento Long Shots, 09/13/2018



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