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1875 Embarcadero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Contact: Bob Booth
Main: (650) 948-1571

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Welcome to the Palo Alto Golf Club eClubhouse

The Palo Alto Golf Club is primarily a player’s club.  We typically play two tournaments a month with one being at home and one on the road.  Some of those events include NCGA qualifiers for the Zone Championship, Four Ball Championship, Senior Four Ball Championship and Net Amateur Championship.  Major club events include the Stroke Play Club Championship, the Director’s Cup and the Tournament of Champions.

During the year, players can earn points, similar to the FedEx cup and Schwab cup, by performing well in our tournaments.  The top 36 players then compete in October in one last points event to determine the Player of the Year.

Fun events include the New Member Tournament where our new members get a chance to play with current members, learn about the club and get a free lunch to boot.  We also have a Five Club Max event where players are limited to just five clubs in the bag.  It’s always interesting to see the different strategies players use to maximize their results.  On a similar note we also play an event called the Red, White and Blue where players play six holes from each of the different tee markers.  Again, strategy plays a big role in how well you perform.

As mentioned in the highlights, our home course will be closing for renovation some time in 2014. The rebuild was sparked by the need for flood remediation along San Fransiquito creek.  The plan is to widen the channel as it passes the course and empties into the bay.  The plan calls for shrinking the acreage used by the course to obtain the necessary space.  The exact date is currently up in the air as the various agencies involved negotiate all the legalities required in an undertaking of this magnitude.  Despite the course closing, we will continue to play our events using Shoreline and Sunnyvale as our “Home” course.  

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