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3333 South Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222

Contact: Lisa Guthrie
Main: (303) 886-2371

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The members of the Wellshire Women's Golf Club (WWGC) welcome your interest in our club and invite you to apply for membership. Club play is on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Those members playing on Tuesdays have assigned foursomes and designated tee times, while members playing on Thursdays arrange their own foursomes and tee times as part of our monthly or weekly tournament play. 

First time membership fees are $100 and will be assessed after you have qualified for membership. Once tournament play has begun, fees are not refundable.

Prospective members with a current, established GHIN Handicap Index that equates to a course handicap of 40 or less do not need to play qualifying rounds to join. Prospective members without a Ghin Handicap or who have an index that equates to over a 40 course handicap will be required to play up to a maximum of 5 rounds with a WWGC member and must score 113 or less one time in the five qualifying rounds. Once this is accomplished, the new member without a GHIN handicap must turn in 5 attested scorecards to the Membership Director for admission. The five rounds are to establish a handicap which is a USGA requirement. A list of WWGC members who are able to play with prospective members is available on this website.

If you would like to join, please email or call our Membership Chair, Lisa Guthrie -, 303-886-2371.

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