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The Shoreline Golf Society, Inc. (SGS)

The Shoreline Golf Society is a CSGA golf club open to men and women golfers of all ages on the shoreline and surrounding municipalities.  The Society for the 2017 season will be celebrating its nineteenth year of providing area golfers the opportunity to play competitive golf in a fun and relaxing environment.

The Shoreline Golf Society (SGS) was founded at Klein’s Driving Range in Madison when Martin Axon , David Cook and PGA Professional Kevin Lamb first met.  They had the idea to create a golf club, without a golf course, which would be officially recognized by the Connecticut State Golf Association (CSGA) and the United States Golf Association (USGA). 

Today the group has over 80 members and still calls Klein’s in Madison its informal “clubhouse.” Eric Fuller is the club President and Jon Wilson, Senior Director of Golf at Lyman Golf Club, is the clubs PGA Golf Professional. Mike Dore is the Competition Chairman. The CSGA has recognized SGS as the "prototype" for an unaffiliated club and the USGA recognizes the SGS as a member Club. Representatives of the Club annually attend the USGA Yearly meeting. 

The Society conducts bi-weekly tournaments and events at venues throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island.  In addition to enjoying the game of golf with fellow golf enthusiasts, members are afforded discounted greens fees at select sponsored events, a USGA handicap, access to the CSGA Players Club and an interactive website to connect with players of similar skills.

In April our season starts at The Shennecossett Golf Club in Groton, CT with our annual Red Ball Tournament.

The Society is accepting members at this time! Interested parties may apply for membership through our website at and click on "Join this Club"

You may also contact:

Membership Coordinator William Fitzgerald at

The Annual Membership fee of $95 must be sent, following acceptance, to:

The Shoreline Golf Society, Inc.

Michael Rowan, Treasurer

PO Box 44

North Branford, CT  06471

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